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In the visionary soup that is Asheville, North Carolina, one man was -and continues to be – guided by a drive to harness the healing power of food. The place where he took his first stand in 2006 in the storage room of the Co-op on Haywood Rd., which was an unlikely place in some respects. However, the people surrounding it were interested in food that was pure, delicious, and traceable. They were hungry for it.

And so it was in this space, armed with little more than a food processor and enough naiveté to persevere, Matt Parris created a little carry-out café, which sourced local meats and veggies, organic grains and dairy, and sauces and spreads that took most items on the menu to an 11. The name of the café was Roots.

As the cafe’s loyal customer base began to grow, so did requests for sides of Matt’s hummus. More
and more hummus fanatics encouraged him to sell it by the pound, and he realized that there was something greater than just bean dip being produced in his 200 square foot kitchen — a connection between food and community was being nurtured, one sacred batch of hummus at a time. Even today, we produce, package, and ship everything we make out of our headquarters, located in Asheville’s River Arts District, and support Certified Living Wages for our staff.

Community involvement is a part of the Roots core, and we ensure our local status as “The Microbrew of Hummus” not only by crafting artisan food for the masses, but also by feeding and bolstering the good people and businesses who’ve got our back. As we sustain our reputation, we evolve our operating practices to stay fresh, both literally and figuratively. Keep an eye out for our delectable dips as we continue to spread our Roots from Asheville to your local grocery.

Matt Parris, Founder / Michael Porterfield, CEO / Lowell Parris, COO

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